20 October, 2021

Who We Are

With a primary focus on delivering outstanding customer service, Polyclean are proud to be endorsed by UAE authorities and we are delighted to be working on a large number of government projects in the region

Polyclean are committed to securing clean and healthy environments for businesses, industries and residences. We continuously evaluate and redefine our practices in order to provide services ensuring the highest standards whilst maintaining a clean and safe environment in which the UAE can thrive. We are truly dedicated to our business and are proud to retain highly motivated and intelligent teams, experienced in providing sophisticated products and excellent customer services. Our highly skilled representatives specialize in water-related and process chemical solutions working with you on-site to optimize your operations.

Proper waste disposal is an important part of the Polyclean concept. Improper disposal can lead to contamination of soil, ground and surface water, causing serious liability as well as a poor company image.
At Polyclean everyone who handles chemicals and waste products is fully trained on the administration of proper disposal techniques.


Pharaon Holding S.A.L. Group of companies was established in 1868 from Beirut, Lebanon. Now after 150 years of its existence, Pharaon group of companies has expanded its operations in almost all the mainstream business and services, range of which spans from Household Appliances to Medical equipment. The group was recently listed on the 56th position in Forbes Middle East for making an impact on the Arab World. Due to its ethical standards and commitment to excellence, group is highly regarded in the world of international business and finance. Pharaon group has several businesses either entirely owned or in partnership in various parts of the world which include regions like Middle East, Africa, Europe and off course in its home country, Lebanon.
Some of the fields in which Pharaon group has ventured include:

Broadcasting | Contracting & Building Insurance | Pharmaceuticals | Gases & Chemicals | Shipping & Post services | Fragrance and Flavors | Environment & Public Health | Information technology