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Polyclean’s Pest Control Solutions begin with comprehensive planning to include all aspects of the problem, followed by the application of preventive and control methods. Infestation problems are reduced by careful planning so that the possibilities of pest organisms reaching detrimental levels will be kept to a minimum.

It is highly important to choose a reputable pest control company UAE when deciding on a course of action. Excessive use of fumigants or the misuse of them can be fatal, and unfortunately the UAE has had its share of tragedies in recent years. Polyclean are legitimate providers of pest control services.


Pest Control

Pests are easily transferred from place to place, either by themselves in the case of crawling or flying insects or by infesting commodities e.g. grain which is shipped around the world. Colonies of pests can live and breed inside transport systems e.g. ships, road vehicles and railway containers enabling them to spread over vast distances – readily becoming established in their new environments.

Annually, the UN estimates that food destroyed by pest infestations is enough to feed hundreds of millions of people.

Identifying a Pest. The Specifics…

A pest is any kind of animal or organism (insect, weed or fungi) which damages harms or destroys plants, furniture or buildings, or which causes discomfort to individuals.

Pests widely fall into three categories -

Crawling and Flying Insects

Among the most common pests to humans included in this category are insects such as ants, cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes all of which can adversely affect human health.


Rats and Mice are classified as rodents or vermin and are found in built-up, urban areas where they breed quickly – especially where there are damp and dark conditions. They actively transmit and spread disease to humans.


Termites are considered as social insects and live in massive colonies in the ground. For food, termites find channels and cracks in cement to hunt for cellulose which is found in wood, furniture, clothing and books.

The most common pest infestations identified by Polyclean are the following:

  • Ant infestations in kitchens / warm areas – they contain certain allergens which can harm the skin, especially in children.
  • Cockroaches which quickly multiply around the home can contaminate food and transmit gastro -intestinal diseases including the deadly salmonella bacteria.
  • Flies which feed on faecal matter as well as organic matter like human food, and lay hundreds of eggs in decomposing organic matter. Flies are carriers of disease which can easily be transmitted to humans including dysentery, typhoid, cholera and salmonella.
  • Mosquitoes can breed quickly in warm homes. They carry a painful, irritable sting and are carriers of the deadly Malaria disease in some parts of the world.
  • Both rats and mice compulsively chew through infrastructural supports including electrical cables, pipes, packaging and woodwork and can cause vast structural damage to homes and businesses as well as destroying crops and plant life. Of the two species, rats pose the greater threat to humans in terms of their capacity to carry a number of diseases including plague and typhus.
  • Termites who feed on cellulose which includes wood, furniture, clothing and books. A termite infestation can cause wide-spread destruction to homes and businesses if left untreated.

Pest Control Services

Fumigants are a unique and particularly valuable group of pesticides that can kill insects where no other form of control is feasible. Often treatments can be carried out on infested material without disturbing it in any way. Developments have highlighted certain problems with fumigants that were previously unknown such as their capacity to have serious effects on human health. At Polyclean, deciding on a fumigant course of action is based on a risk-benefit approach. When such materials are used our technicians take additional precautions to avoid any hazard. Great care is taken to ensure that fumigants are always used wisely and carefully.

Fumigation is just one of a number of methods that can be used for controlling pests. In an effective pest management system, methods of prevention and control are combined to give maximum protection against further outbreaks at the lowest possible cost.

Anti-Termite Treatment

The main concept in controlling termites is creating a continuous treated zone in the soil to stop them from gaining entrance to the structure. The classical treatment is to apply liquid termiticide to the soil beneath and around building structures. In addition to hygiene, environmental pollution is increasingly a main concern for Polyclean so a course of action is always considered carefully.

Consequently, pest control company UAE Polyclean introduced TERMIFILM, a new and revolutionary product for the pre-construction treatment of termites. This innovative application consists of laying down a plastic sheet that contains a termiticide that does not only repel termites but kills them too. This sheet can be used as a normal plastic cover applied to insulate from humidity in building constructions. The main advantage is minimizing soil pollution by reducing the use of chemicals and still providing the required long-term guarantees.

The most common damaging effects of pest infestation on food stocks identified by Polyclean are the following:

  • Growth of damaging micro-organisms inside food stocks
  • Changes in the smell and taste of the infested food
  • Change of appearance to food e.g. bored holes inside grain
  • Sickness and disease to humans or animals eating the infested stocks
  • A change of the vitamin content, reduction of essential amino acids and the increase of free fatty acids in the food stocks

By careful planning and management, fumigation and pest control methods may be incorporated into food preservation systems though they should never be used as a substitute for quality management and good hygiene procedures. The benefits include reduced cost of storage with improved food quality, reduced residues in food materials, greater occupational safety and less environmental contamination. All of these improvements are of great concern to the general public.

Polyclean’s Pest Control Services is Approved by Dubai & Abu Dhabi Municipality

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